The Swiss Kiwis swisscross



What is included in the rental price?
You will get a Triumph Tiger 800 with a lot of extras (free) plus all bikes are regularly serviced by our local Bayride Triumph dealer.
Could I rent a bike North and give it back on the South Island?
Only by request. Exta fees and charges apply.
Can I rent a bike without a Guide?
Yes, certainly you can.
Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes. Should you incur fines, unpaid bills or any damage to the motorbike(s), your deposit will go towards covering costs. Obviously if none of these events occur, we will refund the deposit within 4-6 weeks after your rental.
Can I rent equipment from you, or do I need to take mine with me?
Either way. Bring your own, which might be quite heavy and take up a lot of space in your luggage. Or you may rent riding gear from our stock. The longer you rent, the better the deal will be.
Are meals and accommodation included?
If we would like to book a guided tour, how much will it cost?
One week $1000 Two weeks $1800 Three weeks $2500 More than three weeks will depend on the trip you will book.
Will you always drive the same route if we book a guided tour?
No way! New Zealand is far too exciting to do something like that.
If we book a tour do you stick to it?
Depends on weather and traffic, roadwork and of course, specials wishes from our customers.