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GPS and Navigation

G.P.S, Satellite Navigation and Digital Maps

A GPS is useful but by no means essential for your self-guided tour in New Zealand. Towns are relatively small and easily navigated without a GPS. There is generally a visitor centre in every town and they will be able to provide detailed advice and free maps of the area. They really like to talk to people and are sometimes very good at giving insider tips for food, restaurants and other well-kept secrets. If you arrive late and it has closed then simply stop and ask someone for directions and they will almost always be keen to help. Fuel service stations are good to look for as you can stop safely and staff will be on hand to help.

bike navigationThe major cities can be more complicated but they are well signposted and with a little preparation a GPS isn't necessary here either. They (GPS) are helpful but if you haven't used one before, rather let it be. To be in contact with locals is way more fun than having a piece of plastic in front of you for your trip.

One problem with GPS units is that they usually take you on the most direct route. If you just punch in your destination at the beginning of the day you may miss out on the best scenery and riding the road less travelled!

If you would like to bring your own, do so and we can try to put as much information in it as possible. Again, be a nice rider and stop somewhere to ask for directions, as kiwis are very helpful and will gladly advise you. Sometimes the best ways to ride from A to B are the local ways.