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North Island Experience

2,930km / ALL YEAR ROUND

This is a guided tour. If you'd rather experience this tour by yourself, you may rent a bike here.



This exceptional North Island tour has it all - superb coastline and beaches, hot springs and thermals, lakes and mountains, Maori culture, history and Art Deco architecture.

Where we stop (main stops): Tauranga, Coromandel, Orewa, Kerikeri, Kaitaia, Auckland, Raglan, Waitomo Caves, New Plymouth, Turangi, Taihape, Napier, Taupo, Rotorua, Tauranga. Details about these places can be found here.

It's not all rush and no relaxation though; throw in some of the best dining and wineries in New Zealand and you've got the best tour on the North Island!

Cost: NZ$ 4125 Book Now!

What is included if you book the North Island tour:

  • Motorcycle
  • Insurance
  • Guide on a motorcycle with satellite phone
  • Reservation for all accommodations
  • Airport transfers (North Island only)
  • Tour booklet
  • Maps
  • A gift

Not included:

  • Meals, snacks and drinks
  • Petrol
  • Airfares
  • Accommodation
  • Personal travel insurance

Introduction to the North Island

The north island can be considered, at least in a topographical sense, to be the ‘gentler’ of the two islands; mainly consisting of lush farmland, beautiful beaches and with a central range of major peaks up to 1700m high. These peaks are sporadically active volcanoes but fortunately, they are mostly dormant.

Although the north island’s land mass is smaller than its southern twin, it boasts a longer and more convoluted coastline with hundreds of deep tranquil harbours, estuaries, inlets and sheltered sandy bays. Despite the north island being considerably more compact than the south, the island is home to the majority of the country’s population.

Daily thermal activities in the north island bless most of the northern and central regions with hot springs and geysers along with a number of active volcanoes. One of New Zealand’s most unique experiences is to dig your own warm spa in the sands at the ‘Hot Water Beach’ on the Coromandel Peninsula. This is one of the most spectacular and beautiful areas for a motorcycle tour.

The town of Rotorua is undeniably the centre of this hotbed of geothermal activity, offering plentiful thermal springs, geysers, bubbling mud pools and over 17 lakes in the immediate region, thanks to extinct (mostly) volcanoes proving to be rather good at storing rainwater.


At the very heart of the north island is the crystal clear lake of Taupo, the largest and arguably the most picturesque lake of the north island. It is itself a huge volcanic crater, filled over time and still being fed by the mountains of the central plateau.

maori-maskMaori migrants probably arrived in the 13th century from the Polynesian Islands although exact dates are understandably hard to confirm, settling largely in the north island due to the favourable climate, pleasant environment and plentiful hunting and forage. This trait continues today with 90% of the Maori population living to the north of the Cook Strait.

The Treaty of Waitangi was signed at Waitangi between the Maori and the British settlers in 1840, declaring British sovereignty over the islands and affording the Maori the same rights as British citizens.

More than half of all New Zealanders live in the island’s northern half with about 1.2 million living in Auckland alone, the largest city in New Zealand and the largest Polynesian city in the world. The smaller city of Wellington based at the southern end of the north island is the administrative capital city of New Zealand and gateway between the north and south islands.


You could choose to explore the north island using your own imagination and navigation skills by simply renting one of our motorbikes or if you'd like some help and guidance with your route, accommodation and places to visit you could ask us for help. We can guarantee that you won't fall foul of any Orcs during one of our self-guided tours, unless perhaps you end up taking part in a Lord of the Rings experience or visit the Tongariro National Park, which is well known as Mordor.